My original craft is founded on dramaturgy in performance art with a focus on (embodied) creational processes by insightful, cross-border perspectives. In creations I guard personal, authentic ideas and co-create new contexts and audience engagement by studying composed, conceptual possibilities and their potential. As a dramaturge I collaborate and facilitate creational art practice by researching, analysing, coaching & reflecting.

Since 2015 I also got inspired to start creating stories based on reflexive methods in dialogue practices, process facilitation, writing, system thinking and empathic strategising. So I founded the Concept Store for Artistic Strategies: Design Agency in Creative Storytelling

After I got my high school diploma at age 19, I stopped my intensive dance training after 11 years. In 2004 I started studying Art & Media studies, where I soon focused on dance again. After my MA graduation I performed different freelance dramaturgy, hosting & writing jobs before I started teaching various theoretic and experimental classes at Fontys Dance Academy for 7,5 years. Between 2014-2017 I was researcher, educational designer and content creator for a brand new website for the inclusive dance community in the Erasmus+ Project Transferable skills of the Dance Artist as well as programme design of the cross-disciplinary Master Performing Public Space at Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. In June 2018 I made the transition to a new position as assistent coordinator at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures (MIVC) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, as part of Avans University of Applied Sciences.

My mission statement in work is based on dialogue, where theory & practice meet in sustainable learning situations. To me knowledge & playful perspectives can be valuable tools to develop yourself, an organization or society. I prefer content development in a work setting of collective co-creation, where thinking & taking action are included. In my believe these kinds of open, non-linear, non-hierarchical methods can only enlarge sustainable and provocative visions on a “learning community”.

As a dramaturge in performing arts I’m trained in understanding (artistic) process systems, organization mechanisms, structures, forms of communication, behavior analysis amongst others.  Together with my intensive teaching background I gained awareness in personal needs, purposes, patterns and desires of different individuals in different institutional contexts. As program designer, education developer I have built new curricula from a conceptual frame with the intention to innovate higher education for professional purposes.

I’m trained to empathize in stories of others, understanding why these stories need to be told and transfer those into the right vocabulary. I offer concrete toolkits to define the best circumstances for a process of change by dialogical practice. I apply different strategies to formulate content in visual storytelling, regardless of the medium. I design storyboards for various creational subjects: Constructing identities that matter and impactful narratives. I understand complex communication dynamics and human performances in different types of situations. I mediate between different stakeholders in creational processes to incorporate those into a final product.

I work contract-based (NL) as well as project-based in the international arts field and related non-profit domain. In professional arts education I facilitate and coordinate innovational trajectories. 

My online CV