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Multimedia Storytelling

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Digital Publication: DocumentSeries

Creative Copywriter – Content Editor

2019-2021 – Tilburg Netherlands

In collaboration with choreographer Kristel van Issum and produced by DansBrabant) in the DocumentSeries, a multi-year project, in which Kristel exposes new shapes and meanings in different modules by establishing links to previous work by a digital platform. In this project I’m currently preparing the team for the webdesign and creative copywriter to translate the work of Kristel to the digital platform. (Due to Covid-19 the project development got delayed from May to August 2020).

In body and spirit, Kristel van Issum is one big archive of images, memories, impressions and impulses: all that she has ever read, seen, felt or heard. Her method is to give the different elements from that archive time to settle and assemble into an idea, a reaction of ethical and aesthetic associations. Then she lets that same idea come up and surprise her, and tries to fathom it. It is fascinating to watch Kristel constantly arrange her enormous reservoir of thoughts into systematic order and give it shape by combining new insights and energy with profound reflection on previous work. In the new way of working she is so keen to determine, she considers encounters, exchanges and cooperation obvious tools: the process is just as shareable and important as the result. Because Kristel’s gigantic archive is also the source of her new creations, you could call her work the pinnacle of recycling and sustainability. Every creation initiates the next one. Constantly driven by the desire to show the imperfection of the ‘stumbling body’ and the struggling human spirit in relation to itself, others and reality by bringing together beauty and ugliness. She thinks along broad lines, with an eye for detail; active and at the same time receptive. As stated earlier, Kristel will be working on studies and performances/installations/films in the coming years in different phases and sets off the Document Series.

Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Masters Coordinator

June 2018- June 2020, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

In the role of assistent coordinator I strategize content creation for branding the MIVC, St.Joost School for Fine art and Design, Avans University of Applied Sciences

Student testimonials, after movies, lectures, promo video’s and more. Filming by Ilse van Loon, Matija Pekic and Jesse Bom.

Inclusive Dance Community

Content creator – Team member digital platform development –

School season 2016-2017, EU Erasmus+ Project

I was part of the development team of an online platform. I researched one of the topics concerning transferable skills for sustainable careers in dance and I produced creative content for the platform. Below some examples of created content for the website of the Inclusive Dance Community. Content & Storyline (interviewing, editing scripts) by me. Editing by Hans Timmermans. Website content development together with curator Ulrika Kinn Svensson on the topics Dance and Public Space and Transferable skills.

Interviews with students during the Intensive Study Program Re-Defining Careers in Prague filmed in May 2017. The interviews were translated to website content for the Inclusive Dance Community afterwards in different themes. Here students speak out their ideas on the Value of Somatic practice within their dance practice.

Dance in the Museum workshop by choreographer Sara Wookey was given during the Intensive Study Program Re-Designing spaces in VanAbbeMuseum in October 2015. The lecture, workshop and aftertalk were filmed and translated into content afterwards. Here one example of an item from the after talk together with professional dance teachers from Antwerp, Prague, Leeds and Tilburg.

As part of the 3-year research program for Erasmus+: Inclusive Dance. The transferable skills of the Dance Artist I was asked to give an update, questions and considerations in the research on defining and understanding transferable skills within a contemporary context during the ISP Re-Designing Spaces in October 2015. This was translated later in content for the website.

23 May 2017, Factorium Tilburg. Closure event of the international Erasmus+ Project: Inclusive Dance, hosted by Fontys Dance Academy. Assignment for the films by Fontys Dance Department. Film & Editing by Cre-aid Concepts. Interview scripts by me.

Erasmus+ Project: Inclusive Dance is a 3-year collaborative research program initiated by the Conservatory Antwerp, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, Duncan Centre Conservatory & Jan Deyla Conservatory in Prague and Fontys Dance Department in Tilburg. These academies in dance share a research program in the transferable skills of the dance artist by different inclusive encounters. Based on this subject matter the different academies organized Intensive Study Programs (ISP) focusing on different aspects and topics related to their own practice in education but with a shared goal of innovating their education:
2015 Re-thinking bodies (Antwerp)
2016 Re-designing Spaces (Tilburg)
2017 Re-inventing Careers (Prague)

Master Performing Public Space

2016-2018 Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts – Tilburg

For the new Master Program Performing Public Space 2 testimonials were filmed. I contributed on a questionnaire storytelling script and montage structure.