Sustainable Learning Facilitation

Creative Conference | Educational Storytelling

Innovative Didactic Design | Workshops & Curriculum Design

External Assessor 

COMMA Master Joint programme Codarts Art Academy, Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts 2018-2020

Guest tutor Art Philosophy

10-week course for the Choreography department of Fontys Dance Academy 2019-2020

Dramaturgy LAB

at exhibition centre Akbank Sanat in Istanbul, Turkey

3-day workshop in November 2017 together with dramaturge and actress Ayse Draz, with support of the Dutch Council.


Dramaturgy LAB

at Fontys Dance Academy 

All 2nd year students Dance Arts in Context & Contemporary Urban, April 2016

Final Examination of performance research group assignments where the students worked on during the Dramaturgy Course in their curriculum. Examination together with choreographer Nishant Bhola (IN/NL). Below 2 trailers and some pictures by photographer May van den Heuvel 


Design Sessions

at Master Performing Public Space, Fontys University of Fine & Performing Arts

Pictures from bootcamp 1 in October 2017. I facilitate design sessions programmed in each 2-week intensive with the international group of students. Students work on their own projects, in dialogue with each other and by creative work settings. They presented their own projects to each other and they practiced iterative process designs by the method of Design Thinking.


Web Lecture-Series

For the Master COMMA (Fontys Dance Department & Codarts Dance Academy)

September 2017

Below only the last short weblecture from the Art Philosophy: The Language of Art course as an example of online education. These summarizing films are part of the online environment for the Master students on Canvas as basic tools for self study.

Curation Re-Designing Spaces

at Fontys Dance Academy, October 2015, Teacher’s Intensive

Together with Dirk Dumon I curated the 8-day intensive programme Re-Designing Spaces. Erasmus+ Project: Inclusive Dance was a 3-year collaborative research program initiated by the Conservatory Antwerp, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, Duncan Centre Conservatory & Jan Deyla Conservatory in Prague and Fontys Dance Department in Tilburg. These academies in dance share a research program in the transferable skills of the dance artist by different inclusive encounters. Based on this subject matter the different academies organized Intensive Study Programs (ISP) focusing on different aspects and topics related to their own practice in education but with a shared goal of innovating their education:
2015 Re-thinking bodies (Antwerp)
2016 Re-designing Spaces (Tilburg)
2017 Re-inventing Careers (Prague)